Civil War Service
East Lyme, Connecticut
26th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry
The battle for Port Hudson
The battle for Port Hudson

SERVICE: New Orleans, Camp Parapet, Port Hudson, where it participated in two ill-fated assaults in the spring of 1865 that produced no military benefit for the Union, but did create a large number of casualties. From May 27th until June 14th the entire command was under continual fire, night and day. On the afternoon of June 13th a heavy skirmish line was thrown out on Sherman’s front, in which the 26th performed a conspicuous part, losing one man killed and seven wounded. When word reached Port Hudson on July 9 that Vicksburg had surrendered to Union forces on July 4, Port Hudson similarly surrendered.

Co. Rank Last Name First Name Enlisted Mustered Out Date of Death Cemetery
C 1st Sergeant Harding Henry R. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863 1914 East Lyme
C Sergeant Banta Frederick B. 11/10/1862      
C Sergeant Gorton Robert B. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863 1/3/1920 Union
C Corporal Lee George W. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863 1895 Union
C Corporal Rogers George W. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863 12/21/1897 Old Stone Church
C Corporal Tooker William 11/10/1862 8/17/1863    
C Musician Thrall Charles A. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863    
C Private Beckwith Francis E. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863 10/1/1923  
C Private Beebe William 11/10/1862 8/18/1853 8/18/1863 Old Stone Church
C Private Champlin James J. 11/10/1862      
C Private Chapell Horace L. 11/10/1862      
C Private Clark Frederick W. 11/10/1862 8/8/1863 8/8/1863 Old Stone Church
C Private Darrow Jason W. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863 5/8/1903 Union
C Private Dean Daniel N. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863    
C Private Gee John S. 9/5/1862 8/17/1863    
C Private Harding Thomas R. 11/10/1862 7/11/1863 7/11/1863 Old Stone Church
C Private Holmes Daniel 11/10/1862 7/3/1863 7/3/1863  
C Private Holmes George R. 11/10/1862 5/5/1863 5/5/1863 Holmes
C Private Howard David E. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863    
C Private Johnson Hiram 11/10/1862 8/17/1863 3/16/1895 East Lyme
C Private Perkins Joseph H. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863 6/6/1907 Union
C Private Poole William J. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863 1912 Head of the River
C Private Potter James H. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863    
C Private Prentiss John W. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863    
C Private Roath Daniel H. 11/10/1862 8/12/1863 8/12/1863 Old Stone Church
C Private Smiley James J. 11/10/1862   1/27/1915 East Lyme
C Private Smith Frederick M. 11/10/1862   9/28/1874 Union
I Officer? Herring Thomas J. 11/10/1862 8/27/1864    
I 1st Sergeant Fitch Joseph S. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863    
I Private Cone Israel W. 11/10/1862      
I Private Dart David M. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863 11/11/1884 Union
I   Getchell John J. 11/10/1862   2/14/1890 East Lyme
I Private Havens Edward 11/10/1862 8/17/1863 10/1/1916 East Lyme
I Private Latimer Joseph S. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863    
I Private Minson Charles H. 11/10/1862   12/28/1927 East Lyme
I Private Weldon George P. 11/10/1862   4/24/1908 East Lyme
S 2nd Lt. Hough Henry J. 11/10/1862 8/17/1863    
27th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry
Breastworks on left wing of Federal line, Gettysburg, PA

SERVICE: This regiment was first posted to Washington, D. C., and saw action at Falmouth, Fredericksburg, Burnside’s 2nd campaign, "Mud March", Falmouth, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg.

Co. Rank Last Name First Name Enlisted Mustered Out Date of Death Cemetery
A Private Dawson Frank T. 10/3/1862 3/10/1863 10/6/1933 Union
I Corporal Smith Frederick M.     9/28/1874 Union